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If you are looking for the best printer for home use for your personal or home office printing needs, Servmi Ink can assist. It might be overwhelming when trying to select the best printer from the many printer available on the market today, which is why we have put together these simple guideline to make this decision easier. Once you have a better idea of the types of printers available, it will be easier to make a decision in-store. Consider the factors below before setting out to buy a printer.

What to consider before buying a printer for home use

  • Purpose: The number one factor to consider, is the purpose that this printer needs to fulfil. Do you need a printer simply to print ad hoc personal documents or make copies every now and again? Are you looking for a printer that will be able to print your family photographs and pictures? Will the printer be used by your children to assist with school tasks? Do you have a home-based office that requires you to print invoices or other business documentation? These are all aspects you need to consider that will help you to find the best printer for your needs.


  • Functionality: The functions that the printer needs to perform will guide you towards the type of printer you will need. Different functions include: black / colour printing features, scanning / copying capabilities, fax function, photo printing, double sided printing, paper size handling, connectivity / network features, document storing functions and software abilities.
  • Laser vs. Inkjet: So you’ve heard of inkjet / bubble jet and laser printers, but not sure what the difference is and which is best for your home use? The main difference in functionality between a laser and inkjet printer, is that an inkjet printer uses drops of ink to create a printed images, while a laser printer uses laser beams scanned across photoreceptors. Another difference is that laser printers make use of toner cartridges (a powder material), while inkjet printer use ink cartridges. Toner cartridges might be much more expensive, but last a lot longer than ink cartridges, making it cost effective.
  • Your printer / printing budget: The budget you have available for your new home printer will also determine what printer you can afford within the suitable range of printers available. Servmi Ink will help you to get the best quality printer that fits into your price range and also meets your requirements. Enquire today whether Servmi Ink has any printer specials in Johannesburg, or get an affordable quote on the printer you desire.
  • Print load: How much you are planning on printing per month will also affect the choice of printer. If you are planning on printing a large amount of colour documents daily, then a laser printer might be the best option for you. Should you only be printing a few ad hoc documents weekly, then an inkjet printer might be more cost-effective. Discuss your printing quantities with our professional staff at Servmi Ink for advice.
  • Black (monochrome) vs. colour: Although a colour printer is nice to have, do you really require colour prints for your home printing purpose? Monochrome printers are more cost-effective, but it can be frustrating should you need to print a colour document. Consider this aspect carefully if you are thinking about purchasing a monochrome (black print only) printer. It might cost you in the long run.

Printer Cartridges and Toners

Best printers for home use from Servmi ink

The team at Servmi Ink will help you to find the best printer for home use in Johannesburg. Talk to us about your printing needs, and will advise you on the best options that fir your requirements and your budget. Servmi Ink is a leading supplier of printers, toners and ink cartridges in Johannesburg, supplying all the top brands at very competitive prices. Whether you are considering purchasing a Canon, HP, Samsung, Brother or Lexmark printer, Servmi Ink will assist. We also stock the full range of consumables (ink cartridges and toners), with a free delivery service for clients in Johannesburg (terms and conditions apply). Contact our team today for advice on the best printer for home use for you.