Choosing a Printer for Your Small Business

Servmi-HP-LaserJet-Pro-M1536dnfIf you are looking into buying a new printer for your small business, there are a few things to consider to ensure that the printer meets your expectations regarding functions and printing performance. There are a number of high quality printers from top manufacturers on the market, making it difficult to choose the right printer for your small business. A reliable printer is the key to hassle free and successful business operations,

Servmi Ink is a leading supplier of printers, ink cartridges and toners in Johannesburg, assisting our customers to find the best printers for home, small business and corporate use. We also supply all the consumables you will require, ensuring you get quality products at cost-effective prices. Contact Servmi Ink today for more information about our range of printers, ink cartridges and toners, or read more below about choosing the right printer for your small business.


Things to consider when buying a printer for a small business

Depending on your business requirements, the type of printer you would get at your local office supply store is most likely not going to cut it for your small business needs. Here are a few aspects you need to consider before purchasing a printer for your small business, that will save you a lot of printing related aggravation, ensuring that you buy a printer for your small business that meets your needs and expectations:

  • Price: The budget is usually the number one determining factor as to which printer you will purchase. As a businessman, you will probably want to get the absolute best printer on the market for the budget you have available. What needs to be kept in mind is the cost of prints over the long run. It is known that the cheaper the printer, the more expensive the consumables. The only way that you will benefit from a very cheap printer, is if you print very few documents on ad hoc basis. Small business do require a little more printing than a home based office, meaning that the cheapest printer available might cost more in the long run.
  • Functionality: The functions you need your printer to include is another important factor – you can imagine the frustration if you need to scan a document, and your printer isn’t able to. The main functions available include.
  • Inkjet vs. laser printers: There is an ongoing debate about which is best for a business – inkjet or laser printers. We believe that your business needs and printing rate will help to determine whether an inkjet or laser printer is best for your small business. Inkjet printer make use of ink cartridges, while laser printers use a powdered toner for printing. Today’s inkjet printers deliver excelled quality, meeting up to the results of a laser printer. If your business requires regular prints and larger amounts than ad hoc documents, the a laser printer might be the best for your small business. The toner of the laser printer will last longer than the consumables of an inkjet printer, making it more economic in the long run.
  • Office size and volume: The size of your office (number of employees) and volume of prints is another determining factor when it comes to selecting a printer for your small business. If there are quite a few employees that all require printing facilities, you might need to consider something that will accommodate their printing needs, not causing a hold up with the printer.

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