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If the price of your printer’s ink cartridges or toners are getting you down, it might be time to look into other, more affordable options. It’s no secret that toners and ink cartridges are quite expensive. Printer manufacturers know that you will need to purchase their consumables in order to print, meaning that they will make continuous profit from the ink cartridges and toners they sell, in addition to the printer you purchased from them.

Printing can amount to large sums of money every month, especially for higher quantities and in big corporate companies and departments. If you need to cut on costs, then it might be a good idea t start seeking cheaper printing alternatives. There has been a stigma regarding compatible or generic ink cartridges and toners, but mostly because these cartridges are seen as re-used or refilled ink cartridges and toners. This is however not the case at all, and you can rest assured knowing that when you purchase a generic or compatible ink cartridge for your Canon, HP, Lexmark, Brother or Samsung printer, that you will be receiving a brand new manufactured ink cartridge or toner. Read more below about generic / compatible ink cartridges and toners for your printer, and the benefits included.

Servmi Ink is a leading supplier of genuine and compatible ink cartridges and toners in Johannesburg for the following printers: Canon, HP, Lexmark, Brother and Samsung.

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Why generic / compatible ink cartridges or toners?

As a customer, you have the right to choose which brand of  ink you would like to use in your printer. Generic toner cartridges are cartridges that are compatible to the brand of printer you are using. Although not these products are not manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturers, they have proven to be very reliable, delivering excellent results. Here are a few benefits of opting for compatible / generic ink cartridges or toners from Servmi Ink:

  • Cost-effective: You can almost cut your printing costs in half when choosing to purchase compatible / generic ink cartridges and toners for your printer. Whether you have a Canon, HP, Lexmark, Brother or Samsung printer, Servmi Ink supplies both genuine and compatible ink cartridges and toners in Johannesburg for our clients to choose from. Enquire today about the cost of our generic ink cartridges or toners for your specific printer brand and model.
  • Quality prints: If you are worried that the quality of your prints will decrease, you can rest assured that this is not the case. Compatible cartridges have definitely evolved and improved over the years, offering consumers reliable ink cartridges and tones that exceed their printing expectations. You can expect the same quality results, and in some cases even better! If you are unsure about whether compatible / generic ink cartridges is the best choice for you, talk to a friendly consultant at Servmi Ink today for more information.
  • Reputable supplier: The important thing to remember when purchasing generic in cartridges, is to only buy from a reputable supplier who offers a warranty on their consumables. Although you might get generic brands at a flea market or on the street corner, it is not advised to purchase from suppliers who won’t be able to offer you customer service as well. Should you be unhappy with your flea market purchase, chances are you won’t be able to return your ink cartridges or products for a refund. At Servmi Ink we believe that our generic / compatible ink cartridges are of a high quality, and will meet or even exceed the expectations of our clients. Contact Servmi Ink today for more information about compatible ink cartridges and toners for your specific printer brand and model.

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