Inkjet Printers for Sale in Johannesburg

Servmi-HP-LaserJet-Pro-M1536dnfLooking for inkjet printers for sale in Johannesburg? Servmi Ink can assist – We are a trusted supplier of printers, ink cartridges and toners in Johannesburg, supplying a wide range of inkjet printers for sale to choose from. As a leading supplier of printers and consumables, we supply all top brands when it comes to laser and inkjet printers.

Whether you are looking for a Canon, Lexmark, HP, Samsung or Brother Printers for home, office or corporate use, we will help you to get the best printer to fit your needs as well as your budget.
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Top inkjet printer brands for sale from Servmi Ink in Johannesburg

Buy one of the following leading printer brands from Servmi Ink:

  • Canon inkjet printers: Canon is a top brand when it comes to inkjet and laser printers for sale, offering customers a high quality, reliable printer for personal, office and corporate use. Canon offers a wide range of printers for different applications and needs. Find a Canon printer that fits your requirements.
  • HP inkjet printers: HP manufactures a range of high quality inkjet printers to choose from. As a leading brand of printer manufacturers, you will find a suitable HP printer for your specific application needs.
  • Lexmark inkjet printers: Lexmark offers a selection of reliable, economical, network-friendly inkjet printers, and you will find a printer that fits within your price range. Talk to an experienced consultant at Servmi Ink, and we will advise you on the best printer for your specific needs.
  • Brother inkjet printers: Brother is another well-known printer manufacturer, offering affordable, durable printers that offer vibrant colour prints and excellent results. Find out which Brother printer will suit your personal, business or corporate needs – talk to a Servmi Ink consultant today.
  • Samsung inkjet printers: Samsung is considered a leader in technology, also producing an excellent range of printers for different needs. For vibrant colours, quality prints and a reliable printer, talk to us about purchasing your Samsung printer today.


How to choose the best inkjet printer for your needs

Servmi Ink will help you to find the best inkjet printer for your personal or business related needs.

  • Purpose: Do you require an inkjet printer for photo printing, as a home office printer or for a large corporate department’s printing needs? This will ultimately determine the size and scope of the printer you require.
  • Functionality: The functions you require you printer to include will also help to determine the best printer for the job. For business use an All-in-One printer would be ideal, as it features a scan and copy function. Determine what you would like your printer to be able to do.
  • Networking capability: The network capability entails the ability of the printer to connect to devices, which could be via a USB cable, WiFi or network cable. The amount of devices that need to connect to the printer will also determine the type of printer you require.
  • One or two sided printing: Will you be printing booklets or brochures that require double sided printing? A larger printer with two-sided printing capabilities is strongly advised.

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Other printer toner and cartridge brands:

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