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Looking for an office printer in Johannesburg that will meet your office needs? Let the leading suppliers of printers, toners and ink cartridges assist. The team at Servmi Ink will help you to select the best office printer that will meet all your expectations in terms of functionality, performance and price. Having an efficient printer in the office is essential to ensure that you can execute all your office responsibilities, administration and communication effectively, to ensure that your office tasks runs smoothly and hassle free.

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What to look for in an office printer

It  is essential that your office printer features all the functions you would need in the office. An All-in-One or Multi-function printer would be ideal, which includes the following features:

  • Printing: It is essential that the printer can handle the daily printing volume. Some businesses only need to print a few office documents per day, while others have much higher printing loads. Anticipate your printing needs before looking at suitable office printers in Johannesburg.
  • Scanning / Copying: A scanning and copying function is very convenient, as it allows for copies to be made instantly and documents are able to be scanned for electronic use easily.
  • Faxing: Many companies still require a faxing function. Make sure the printer includes and efficient faxing function for your office needs.


Other factors that can influence the selection of an office printer in Johannesburg include:

  • The amount of users that need to connect to the printer – Large departments will most likely require a larger printer that can efficiently accommodate more users.
  • Your printing purpose will also affect the selection of an office printer – The printing of documents and the printing of brochures or flyers will most likely require printers aimed at these printing needs.
  • Laser printers vs. Inkjet printers – There are pros and cons for both options when it comes to Laser and Inkjet printers. Talk to an experienced consultant at Servmi Ink today about which type of printer would be more suitable for your office needs.
  • Budget available – There are a number of office printers available in Johannesburg, in various price ranges. Determine your budget beforehand and our professional team will help you to find a printer within your price range.

Samsung Multifunction Printers


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