Office Stationery Supplier in Johannesburg

servmi-typek-paper-supplierIf your business is in need of an office stationery supplier in Johannesburg for all your office consumable needs, trust Servmi Ink to assist. Servmi Ink is a leading office supply company based in Johannesburg, offering a wide range of quality stationery products to our clients.

Whether you are in need of paper, pens, ink cartridges and toners or even office groceries, Servmi Ink will assist. The best part about using Servmi Ink as your office stationery supplier in Johannesburg, is the fact that we offer a free delivery service in the area (terms and conditions apply). Contact us today to order your office stationery, ink cartridges and toners and office groceries today.


Why trust Servmi Ink for your office stationery supplies

Servmi In has built strong relationships for our clients, by providing them with a service that is timely, professional and affordable. We understand that office stationery and consumables play an important role in any business, and is necessary for effective business activities. Here’s what sets Servmi Ink apart from our competitors:

  • We deliver, for free: Our free delivery service is very convenient – we will compile your list of stationery and goods, and deliver it right to your door. And what’s more, is that we offer free same day delivery in Johannesburg on orders placed before 10am. Let the leading office stationery supplier in Johannesburg take away your headache of driving around to purchase all your office suppliers and groceries.
  • Affordable prices: We offer very competitive prices to make our service as affordable as possible. Get a quote on all your ink cartridges, toners and other office stationery today to see for yourself!
  • Friendly and professional service: Customer satisfaction is important to us. If we do not have the specific products you need, we will gladly source it for you. You can expect professional and timely service when trusting Servmi Ink as your office stationery supplier in Johannesburg.


Office stationery, ink cartridges and office groceries from Servmi Ink

We offer an extensive range of products, to ensure our clients have everything they need to let their office tasks run smoothly and efficiently. Our range of office supplies include:

Office Stationery

You will find all the office stationery you need from Servmi Ink. Our extensive list of office supplies include, but is not limited to

  • White paper (Rotatrim, Smart Copy and Typek)
  • Push Pins
  • Drawing Pins
  • Bulldog Clips (Stainless Steel)
  • File Fasteners
  • Gem Clips
  • Fold Back Clips
  • Map Pins
  • Office Pins
  • Paper Binders
  • Treasury tags
  • Envelopes (various sizes)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil Sharpeners
  • Erasers
  • Lever Arch Files, board or PVC (A3, A4, A5)
  • 2D Rings

Canon Cartridges and Toners

Ink Cartridges and Toners from Servmi Ink

We offer a wide variety of toners and Ink cartridges, and you are sure to find what you need from Servmi Ink. We offer the full range of consumables for Canon, HP, Lexmark, Brother and Samsung printers.

View our ink cartridge and toner products available in Johannesburg, or read more about the following products:

Get office groceries when ordering your office stationery and supplies

In addition to our office supplies, we also provide basic office groceries. This makes Servmi Ink a one-stop shop for ALL your office supply needs. Our basic groceries consist of tea, coffee, sugar, milk, hot chocolate, milo, Cremora and a variety of soda cans. Contact us today to order your office groceries.

Contact Servmi Ink today – trusted office stationery supplier in Johannesburg

Make use of Servmi Ink’s convenient and affordable services for all your office stationery, printer consumables and office groceries needs. Get the leading office stationery suppliers in Johannesburg get on board to help your business get the supplies they need.

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